Silage Sheets

Please note before purchasing Silage Sheet products online contact our head office regarding delivery costs.
Due to transport changes in weight and size delivery charges can vary.
Please call 01691 626006 to be advised on prices and to process your order.
If we receive an order online prior to contact your order will not be processed until you call us.


Code Size Mt Size ft Price Quantity
FSH04J 4m x 50m x 100mu13ft x 162ft £39.11 (exc VAT)
FSH20 8m x 25m x 100mu26ft x 81ft £39.11 (exc VAT)
FSH22 8m x28m x 200mu26ft x 91ft £81.59 (exc VAT)
FSH25 8m x 50m x 100mu26ft x 162ft £71.39 (exc VAT)
FSH30 11m x 25m x100mu36ft X 81ft £52.31 (exc VAT)
FSH31 11m x 28m x 160mu36ft x 91ft £112.53 (exc VAT)
FSH35 11m x 42m x100mu36ft x 137ft £82.94 (exc VAT)
FSH43 12.8m x 25m x 100mu42ft x 81ft £62.22 (exc VAT)
FSH47 12.8m x 36m x 100mu42ft x 117ft £81.85 (exc VAT)
FSH53 14m x 30m x 100mu45ft x 98ft £74.85 (exc VAT)
FSH63 16m x 30m x100mu52ft x 98ft £88.79 (exc VAT)
FSH65 16m x 40m x 125mu52ft x 130ft £123.82 (exc VAT)
FSH80 18.3m x 25m x 100mu59ft x 81ft £86.30 (exc VAT)
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