Marker Marksman

Marksman is a performance animal marker for all types of identification.

Rapid drying marking system, suitable for most farm animals. Light stable and weather resistant. Specifically formulated to give excellent results on wet or dry fleeces. Controllable nozzle/valve system produces clear letters and numbers whilst allowing for deep penetration into the wool. Made in the UK.

Code Size Colour Code Price Quantity
KMA15B 400 mlBlue5161 £3.75 (exc VAT)
KMA15G 400 mlGreen5162 £3.75 (exc VAT)
KMA15K 400 mlBlack £3.75 (exc VAT)
KMA15O 400 mlOrange5163 £3.75 (exc VAT)
KMA15P 400 mlPurple £3.75 (exc VAT)
KMA15R 400 mlRed5160 £3.75 (exc VAT)
KMA15Y 400 mlYellow5164 £3.75 (exc VAT)
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