Border Challenger Safety PU

Step into Border and step out to work in this new Polyurethane Safety Boot:

Steel toe cap and midsole
Insulating down to -30ºC
Feather weight
Water channeling tyre tread design
Superior grip
Mineral, organic and chemical resistant
Innovative heel tab for easy removal
Ankle support
Lasts 3 times longer than PVC
Adaptable boot height

Code Size Colour Code Price Quantity
JWE07BCS 7 (41)GreenBCS41G £49.89 (VAT Exempt)
JWE08BCS 8 (42)GreenBCS42G £49.89 (VAT Exempt)
JWE09BCS 9 (43)GreenBCS43G £49.89 (VAT Exempt)
JWE10BCS 10 (44)GreenBCS44G £49.89 (VAT Exempt)
JWE105BCS 10.5 (45)GreenBCS45G £49.89 (VAT Exempt)
JWE11BCS 11 (46)GreenBCS46G £49.89 (VAT Exempt)
JWE12BCS 12 (47)GreenBCS47G £49.89 (VAT Exempt)
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