Border Challenger Safety PU

Step into Border and step out to work in this new Polyurethane Safety Boot:

Steel toe cap and midsole
Insulating down to -30ºC
Feather weight
Water channeling tyre tread design
Superior grip
Mineral, organic and chemical resistant
Innovative heel tab for easy removal
Ankle support
Lasts 3 times longer than PVC
Adaptable boot height
BCS41G, BCS42G, BCS43G, BCS44G, BCS45G, BCS46G, BCS47G, SIZE 7, SIZE 8, SIZE 9, SIZE 10, SIZE 11, SIZE 12

Code Size Colour Code Price Quantity
JWE07BCS 7 (41)GreenBCS41G £39.50 (VAT Exempt)
JWE08BCS 8 (42)GreenBCS42G £39.50 (VAT Exempt)
JWE09BCS 9 (43)GreenBCS43G £39.50 (VAT Exempt)
JWE10BCS 10 (44)GreenBCS44G £39.50 (VAT Exempt)
JWE105BCS 10.5 (45)GreenBCS45G £39.50 (VAT Exempt)
JWE11BCS 11 (46)GreenBCS46G £39.50 (VAT Exempt)
JWE12BCS 12 (47)GreenBCS47G £39.50 (VAT Exempt)
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