Calf Coat

Part Number: ICA31
£25.00 (exc VAT) Each
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80cm length.
For 70cm length order ICA32

Why use a protective calf blanket?

  • Optimum calf age range is birth to 5 weeks, by then the calf is eating sufficient concentrate.
  • Improve liveweight gain by maintaining body temperature.
  • Helps sick calves to recover and maintain body temperature.
  • Calf blankets support the immune system during the first few days and prevent diarrhoea problems and other illnesses.
  • Protection from sudden changes in the weather.
  • Avoidance of cold stress in new-born calves.

Additional Information

  • Showerproof
  • Washable at 30?C
  • 150g/m²
  • 600 Denier


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