Part Number: IVI20A
£205.70 (exc VAT) Each
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The Vink Spreader is a simple hand tool which will spread your bedding materials in the boxes
very fast and easily, that is powered by a cordless drill.

As the material is thrown just above the floor to the side and backwards away from the farmer,
there is no dust problem for the operator.

  • Throws a uniform pattern, saves product.
  • Simple, fast, convenient and economical.
  • Most any common cordless drill can be used.
  • Mixes and spreads in one movement.
  • Also useful for spreading between cows.
  • No dust problems.

The Vink Lime Spreader (IVI20A / CB43A) is especially designed for hygiene powder  such as lime.
The apparatus spreads evenly so that no product is wasted.  
The output opening is adaptable for exact dosage.
A completely filled spreader will approximately cover 120 cubicles (100grams per cubicle).

The Vink Spreader (IVI20B / CB43B) is suitable for different types or combinations of bedding material.
The unit spreads and mixes the bedding materials in one movement.
This portable spreader can also spread bedding materials in the boxes quickly and efficiently when
cows are in the stable and there is no need to open and close fences.

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