dsv beatrix cl

DSV Beatrix CL

(WRH 567) BEATRIX CL: - Clearfield® Hybrid Oilseed Rape Autumn Seed


The details of this product are for information only and are not an offer of sale. 

Status: National List Trials 2021

DSV are delighted to add WRH 567 (BEATRIX CL) to their portfolio of Clearfield® winter oilseed rape
varieties. It is one of the first Quad Layered PNN varieties to offer a complementary package of traits,
with no compromise on quality.

WRH 567 (BEATRIX CL) has four major traits which include RLM7+ stem canker resistance,
TuYV Protection, Pod Shatter Resistance and Clearfield® Technology.

WRH 567 (BEATRIX CL) offers a significant advance in the market place to be one of only a few to
offer TuYV in the Clearfield® segment.

This powerful yield enhancing trait possessed by all highest yielding recommended varieties, is an
essential feature in the post neonic era of growing oilseed rape.

One of our higher yielding varieties WRH 567 (BEATRIX CL) boasts 110% Seed Yield and 110%
Gross Output as well as having a good Oil Content (46.1%), coupled with a robust Resistance to
Lodging (9) and Stem Stiffness (8.3).

WRH 567(BEATRIX CL) is early to flower (7) and to mature (6) – these are all essential traits that
any grower should consider when selecting a variety to produce on farm.

With the addition of Pod Shatter Resistance as well as RLM7+ resistance to stem canker it delivers
one of the best agronomic packages to date.

RLM7+ stem canker resistance
TuYV Protection
Pod Shatter Resistance

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