dsv matrix cl

DSV Matrix CL

MATRIX CL: - Clearfield® Hybrid Oilseed Rape Autumn Seed


AHDB Candidate List Trials 2021/22

As the first Quad Layered PNN Variety from DSV, MATRIX CL marks a huge step forward
in breeding innovation being the first variety to stack four complex traits together without
compromising yield.

MATRIX CL demonstrates a significant advance in Clearfield® winter oilseed rape varieties
and addresses many of the short comings of previous varieties.

MATRIX CL allows the grower to choose powerful post emergence Clearfield®
chemistry without facing the potential drop in performance shown in the previous generations
of varieties.

MATRIX CL has left the pack, significantly raising the bar for Clearfield® varieties making it the
highest yielding Clearfield® variety available to the UK grower.

MATRIX CL is one of a few varieties selected as a candidate for the whole of the UK making it
suitable for growing in both the North, and East and West regions.

MATRIX CL is one of the first commercially available UK varieties in the
Clearfield® segment to offer TuYV protection.

This powerful yield enhancing trait possessed by all the current highest yielding
recommended varieties is an essential trait for OSR growing.

With the vigour pushing on from successful varieties like PLURAX CL and mirroring
the vigour profiles of the top performing hybrids in both autumn and early spring –

MATRIX CL performed particularly well in our high pressure flea beetle trials where high
vigour was a ‘must’.

With Pod Shatter Resistance, RLM7+ resistance to stem canker, and added TuYV protection,

MATRIX CL offers the best agronomic package seen in any Clearfield® variety to date.

MATRIX CL offers the top standing scores with 9 for Lodging and 8 for Stem Stiffness.

It has a medium Flowering score of 5 and an early Maturity score of 6. Offering a complete
Clearfield® package.

MATRIX CL is the first Clearfield® variety without compromise.

First Quad Layered PNN Variety from DSV

Suitable for growing in both the North, and East and West regions

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